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RTO | Car Rental 

Trade up, down or walk away without impacting your credit

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RTO | Car Rental 

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Car Ownership without the commitment of a car loan

Car Ownership

At Auto Rent-A-Center you can always trade up, down or walk away from the deal at anytime without impacting your credit.  Make all of your scheduled payments or exercise your early Purchase Option and the car is yours.

Why Auto Rent-A-Center

Our lease-to-own solutions allow you to own your next car without credit or a car note that often comes with strings attached in a 72 month contract. Auto Rent A Center offers a gateway to car ownership without the commitment.

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Buyback Protection is available at no extra cost

Auto Rent-A-Center Buyback Protection is a policy that will compensate you by buying back your vehicle under certain circumstances.  The purchase price is up to 110% of the J.D. Power NADA guides published retail value PLUS up to $500 in aftermarket accessories. Details

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Trade up, down or walk away at anytime.  

A traditional car loan that can stretch over 72 months (That's six years) Do you really want that commitment in your life or to be stuck in a credit transaction where the vehicle maybe worth less than what you owe over time?