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  • I am concerned about my Credit Score - Can you help?
    Bring a few paystubs and a couple bank statements. There is a good chance of you driving home in a cool, trendy and fun to drive car, truck or popular SUV from Auto Rent A Center.
  • What is meant by "Credit Friendly?
    "Credit Friendly" means that you don’t necessarily need to have any established credit history to be approved for a Rent-To-Own Vehicle (Lease To Own Depending upon your State). We do check credit sources; however, we look at many other data points to make a final decision, and we regularly approve customers with less than perfect credit or very little credit history.
  • What information will I need to rent from Auto-Rent-A-Center?
    All you need is some standard information: Personal Info: Name, date of birth and contact info Income Info: Verifiable source of income Residence Info: Contact info for your landlord/mortgage company 2-4 References: At least two references should be relatives with separate addresses Drivers License and Insurance
  • How much do I need to start an agreement at Auto-Rent-A-Center?
    All vehicles require a Purchase Option which is an amount of money for the "Option" to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement. However, you are under no obligation what so ever to buy the car but at the same time Auto Rent A Center cannot legally sell the car to someone else as long as you are not in default of your agreement.
  • What is Auto-Rent-A-Center's Return Policy?
    At any time, you can contact your store to schedule a return of your vehicle or return the car in person. The Vehicle must be returned in the same Operating Condition, and Physical Condition per the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Purchase Agreemen that you signed. Your "Virtual Drive" has all relative pictures and a Condition Report that you initialed and acknowledge when your vehicle was first delivered.
  • Does Auto Rent A Center charge interest?
    no credit is extended, and no debt is incurred and no interest is charged. Auto Rent A Center doesn’t lock you into a long term commitment, and you can walk away from the deal at anytime.** Make all of your scheduled Rental Purchase Agreement payments and the car is yours - its that simple!
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